Wrong Way Journey

November 7, 2017
10:00 PM

Wrong Way Journey is a story about a young woman who as a result of a traumatic experience is forced out of naiveté into a journey towards healing, wholeness, and liberation. Along the way she grapples with her spirituality and sexuality as she learns how to adjust to, accept, and reject the world’s ideas and expectations of women’s sexual behavior. This is one queer woman’s story…

R.C. Riley is a warrior woman who began writing as a means of healing. During the healing process, she realized that she had journaled stories that would heal, liberate, and enlighten others. While she has a background as an actor, dancer, and violinist, writing is R.C.’s greatest passion. R.C. is currently preparing for a college/university tour of her show, Wrong Way Journey throughout the state. She has told short stories at Steppenwolf’s 1700 Theater, Piven Theater, with Three Cat Productions, The Truth or Lie Reading Series, This Much is True, You’re Being Ridiculous, OutSpoken, Sappho’s Salon, The Plagiarists, and more!