The Church of Hip Hop

August 27, 2016
10:30 PM

The Church of Hip Hop is an interactive, irreverent, meta, funny, educational, hip hop, religious experience!  The show is a sketch variety show set up to follow a church service format (Prelude, Benediction, Worship, Sermon, etc.)

Audiences will be transported to an alternative future where Kayne West has departed from this world into the next but his words are not lost. His widow, Pastor Kim Kardashian (played by Mari DeOleo), is determined in her own way to continue his legacy by starting The Church of Hip Hop as he has requested in his will.

With the best of intentions, Pastor Kim, brings together local Chicago rappers, graffiti artist, b-boys, speakers and poets to teach the audience about hip hop.  As the service continues, Pastor Kim tries to incorporate her versions of religious ceremony into the service (for example: crossing herself with the beer split for our homies or washing feet with Chanel 5 and her nicest hair piece).  It becomes clear that Pastor Kim, hilariously fails to understand that hip hop isn’t about the hype, the chains, the asses or the cash.  The Church of Hip Hop reaches a climax as Pastor Kim attempts to raise Kayne West back from the dead because “Kayne really is Yeezus.”

The Church of Hip Hop is a comic journey into a world that has fully brought into the idolization of popular hip hop culture so much it is now a religious experience and what happens when pop culture meets street culture.

Created by Mari DeOleo. Devised by Zhane Bethea, Rob Cortes, Devin Middleton, Jessi Realzola, Allison Schier and Christopher Sylvie. Featuring Queen Zenobia, the Legendary Trixter and King Chaka.