Outcasted Comedy Tour

September 29, 2017
8:00 PM

“Where are you from?” is a question that is incredibly annoying to many Americans – especially to this comedy trio. AK, Sabeen, and Sharup are Muslim-American comedians from three different immigrant backgrounds that will forever struggle with their own identity issues. Their renowned standup comedy delves into the hilarious journey to define their own unique American identity while feeling outcasted at times by the world around them.


Sabeen Sadiq is a comedian and writer based in Chicago. Living in San Francisco for a brief period, she coproduced several shows and performed all over the Bay area at several popular venues including Cobbs Comedy Club and the San Jose Improv. She’s performed at the Muslim Funny Fest in NYC and at the San Francisco Desi Comedy Fest. Currently she co-produces the comedy show Don’t Kid Yourself and resides in Chicago performing stand-up all over the city. You can catch her at Laugh Factory, Zanies, and other popular venues.

AK Agunbiade is a comedian, storyteller, and blogger that was born in the motherland, but grew up in the awe-inspiring cornfields of Indiana. His foray into comedy was accidental in nature. He told a funny story once on stage at a college comedy show and people laughed. The rest is history. You can usually find him performing at various venues in Chi-town and different colleges nationwide. When not performing, he is either sleeping, eating, or blogging….But most likely he’s eating. 

Sharup Karim is a South Asian American comic who was born in a village in Bangladesh, but raised primarily by ’90s television in the Caucasian cornucopias of Oklahoma City. As a satirist of all topics ranging from being racially ambiguous to somehow surviving in America, Sharup’s comedy primarily integrates his experiences as a western minority with observational humor and witticism.

After transitioning from screenwriting into standup comedy 3 years ago, he has performed at various venues in Chicago (including The Second City, Zanies & the Laugh Factory) and has sold out his first headlining show at The Bughouse Theatre. Recently he was selected to advance into the quarterfinals of the 2017 NBC Standup Chicago auditions and has headlined at the 2017 Fringe Festival in Edinburgh, Scotland. He currently co-produces a monthly comedy show titled “Degeneration Y” at the Treehouse Records Studio in Chicago.