Our Two Dads

July 24, 2019
8:00 PM

Ever ask yourself whatever happened to your favorite sitcom from 2004, “Our Two Dads?” Come Join two of the stars, Adam Keebler and Steven Segal, as they celebrate the 15th anniversary of the debut and cancellation of their hit show, Our Two Dads!

Our Two Dads starred:
Adam Keebler as Warren Frost
Steven Segal as Deacon Frost
Donald Sutherland as Frank Sheleg
Abraham Whistler as Wesley Frost
Gene Hackman as Wesley Frost (2 episodes as Abraham was unable to finish filming)

Starring: Chip Bagnall as Steven Segal/Deacon Frost and Richard Kallus as Adam Keebler/Warren Frost
Directed by: Kaydee Dolan
Special Appearance by: Alex Collyard as The Man/Narrator