Let’s Be Frank

May 10, 2019
8:00 PM

Let’s Be Frank, originally named Silly Putty, was started by Frank Wernet in 2011, at The Lake Street Church in Evanston, and has been meeting every Saturday morning since. Rich Berry, who studied at IO, joined the group sometime later, and took over coaching the group after Frank left to focus his energies on other projects. It was with Rich’s patient teaching that the group moved beyond the usual improv exercises to study Long Forms (the Harold). In addition to performing at the Lake Street Church Let’s Be Frank had regular performances at The Perla Cafe, and the Celtic Knot Public House in Evanston. A core group of Let’s Be Frank, called the OTH Improv Imps led by Dan entered Theater Momentum’s Collider Improv Sketch Competition during July of 2015 and won their way up to the finals beating out 13 teams out of 16.

Opening Teams: