Friends With Benedicts

June 23, 2018
7:00 PM

A big, warm, sketch show you can bring your parents to, centered around positive relationships between friends and family. Friends with Benedicts is a collaboration of writers and actors who set out to make something sweet and heartwarming in an ocean of hyper-political Chicago sketch revues. If you’re tired of seeing Trump jokes and worrying about nuclear war, we are the breath of fresh air you need. Thank you for reading the entire show description. You’re a blessing.
Directed by Parker Olson
Stage Manager Daunielle WrightWritten by:
Andrew Sickel
Asra Khan
Brianna Ford
Darrian Mihill
Jack Hutsey
Kathleen Lawlor
Michael Ward

Tickets are $11 online /  $10 at the door / $5 with a student ID