Duly Noted

May 8, 2017
8:00 PM


Duly Noted – The Stand & Deliver Musical Improv Jam

This is the show you have been waiting for since you moved to Chicago. Part showcase, part jam, this Musical Improv Extravaganza will dazzle and amaze you, but most amazingly of all: you’re part of it!

Your $10 General Admission Ticket ($5 for Students) gets you in for a musical improv showcase with games and scenes carefully curated by our MDs and Producers and performed by veteran improvisers from all different musical backgrounds. However, in between we will invite improvisers from our audience to play games and do scenes alongside these performers. You know that feeling when you’re watching a really great show and you think: “Wow, these guys are KILLING it- I really wish I could do a show like this!”? Well now, you don’t have to wait! We’re offering you what you’ve always wanted: instant Musical Improv gratification!

We’re giving you a chance to perform on stage with seasoned performers, observe and master new games and forms, learn new genres of music, and of course to sing, sing, sing! If you’re ready to be challenged at a new level or just enjoy a fantastic show and give us fun suggestions, everyone is welcome to come out and play with us at The Playground for Duly Noted, the musical improv show where your admission is your audition!