Club Asia

June 6, 2019
8:00 PM

CLUB ASIA is celebrating Asian American Pacific Islander Heritage Month with their new show, Ask! An! Asian! Where we answer questions from the audience and improvise scenes based on our answers.

Instead of asking us the age-old question “What are you?” You have the opportunity to ask ANYTHING* else, like:

-What’s your favorite color?
-DC or Marvel?
-What is K-Pop?
-Which Asian stereotype bothers you the most?
-Which white actor would play you in a movie about your life?

Come for our AsianAF musical guests and comedians…stay for the REAL TALK.
*don’t be a dick

This week we’re excited to have…
Improvised spoken word by Michael Van Pham and music from Dean Santiago!


CLUB ASIA is a Pan-Asian collective of comedians committed to making people laugh and our immigrant parents proud. We are: Amanda Neal, Amy Do, Asra Khan, Becca Tham, Clarissa Aljentera, James Macapagal, Johanna Medrano, Mahyn Qureshi, Masood Muhammad Haque, Michael Van Pham, Pearl Nongluk, and Simon Tran. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram @clubasiaimprov.