September 25, 2019
8:00 PM

Life after college is hard. It’s especially hard when your loans from that evil b*tch Sallie Mae cost more than your rent. Follow Benji as she figures out how to navigate the real world while life uses her as a punching bag. Surrounded with her ragtag team of fellow nightclub servers, Benji learns how to accept the fact that your early twenties….are just a bunch of swings and misses in the dark. With determination, alcohol, and just a touch of sobbing on the CTA; Benji might just learn to hit back.


Join Theatre of the Beyond for an interactive audience experience highlighting the highs and lows of suffering  working in the service industry.


Wednesday September 11th, 8pm

Wednesday September 18th, 8pm

Wednesday September 25th, 8pm

Tickets online and at the door $12



FEATURING: Andi Muriel, Cammy Ylo, Emma Linder, Dallas Stobb, Danielle Malenock, and Jesse Granato


DIRECTED BY: Emmalee Dixon

Opening Teams: