Welcome to Playground Theatricals! Here at The PG, we cultivate a spirit of creativity that encourages the development of full length plays and musicals. We believe in working with a large array of art forms in addition to  improv and comedy. Resident company and producers “Theatre of the Beyond” have produced two full length plays, with more to come. Take a look at our past productions as we gear up for the exciting future of The Playground Theater.


TUMBAO: The Misadventures of la familia Pilón
by Jo Cattell, Lorena Diaz and Wendy Mateo

Steppenwolf’s 1700 Theatre is transformed into Tumbao, la familia Pilón’s bar and the best place for a salsa night, baptism, séance or wedding reception. Unbeknownst to the familia Pilón, the community of stray cats has decided to make the family the stars of a radionovela, broadcast from the bar itself. By transmitting to the rest of the world what happens within Tumbao’s walls they hope to share the infectious energy of the family to keep the community thriving through the desperate fight against gentrification. Be warned, Tumbao is not myth or legend, but real, and therefore unscripted. Improvised live on Monday nights, a special show for you performed by an unsuspecting crew.


DON CHIPOTLE by Juan Francisco Villa, directed by Jo Cattell
presented by terraNOVA Collective and the Playground Theater in association with the Chicago Department of Cultural Affairs and Special Events
Featuring: Lorena Diaz, Wendy Mateo, Isabel Quintero, Karen Rodriguez,& Avi Roque
Storefront Theater, 66 E. Randolph Street, Chicago
August 25 – September 27, 2015
A raw comic book fable that sets our hero and his sidekick on a quixotic quest across New York City that proves to be anything but ordinary.

SPACED OUT by Danielle Malenock, directed by Danielle Malenock, Kiera Bouton, and Emmalee Dixon
Presented by Theatre of the Beyond and the Playground Theater
Featuring: Sam Cass, Nicholas Inglin, Danielle Malenock, Kiera Bouton, Melanie Greyson, Emmalee Dixon, and the voice talents of Nick Green.
August 7th – August 28th 2018
“Spaced Out” interwines three tales set in the future, far from Earth. It follows two technicians navigating love aboard a lonely station, a stranded astronaut, and two doomed pilots. Spaced Out explores the question: who are we without Earth, and are we still human?

CIRCLES by Emmalee Dixon, directed by Emmalee Dixon
Presented by Theatre of the Beyond and The Playground Theater
Featuring: Andi Muriel, Cammy Ylo, Emma Linder, Dallas Stobb, Danielle Malenock, and Jesse Granato
September 11th – September 25th 2019
Life after college is hard. It’s especially hard when your loans from that evil b*tch Sallie Mae cost more than your rent. Follow Benji as she figures out how to navigate the real world while life uses her as a punching bag. Surrounded with her ragtag team of fellow nightclub servers, Benji learns how to accept the fact that your early twenties….are just a bunch of swings and misses in the dark. With determination, alcohol, and just a touch of sobbing on the CTA; Benji might just learn to hit back.


Written by Evan Mills

Directed by Parker Callahan

Music Direction/Composition by Heidi Joosten

Choreography by Lily Staski & Kyle Ryan

Spring & Summer 2019

Follow your favorite Fab Five as they help an Average Joe find his full potential through self-love, comedy, and song!

Structured as one full episode, Queer Eye: The Musical Parody features all the avocados you can imagine, a few puppets, and our fav—Betty Who! Join us in this hilarious take on finding acceptance, loving yourself, and embracing your inner Henny, HENNY!