Hey, Playgrounder!


We’re glad you want to know more about the new Playground Alumni Association!  Join now to be honored as a charter member of the PGAA.


The PGAA has three primary missions:
1 – To keep Playgrounders connected to the theater and to each other. Once PG Fam, always PG Fam!
2 – To chronicle Playground history. We’re approaching our 25th year, and it’s time to capture and celebrate the many incredible people, teams, shows and moments that have occurred at the PG.
3 – To provide ongoing financial support so our current Playgrounders can continue to run a mission-led theater predicated on the artistic freedom of our performers (you remember how great THAT was, right?).


As a PGAA member you’ll receive semiannual newsletters, have access to the PGAA Facebook and social media channels, and receive invitations to special PGAA alumni events (2-3 per year).


Joining the PGAA is just $15 – we want to make it easy for everyone to take part.  (Of course, larger donations to our nonprofit theater are greatly appreciated!  Donate here to express your appreciation for your years on the Playground stage and to relieve yourself of excess, burdensome bucks…)


100% of all donations will support the theater you love and remember, including ongoing operations and special mission-driven projects, such as the development of inspired new shows, extending our community outreach performances, etc.


As a new PGAA member, we hope you’ll also help our Playground History Reconstruction Project by letting us know what teams or shows that you played on at the PG (and when). If you would also be willing to share the names of people on your teams, we would greatly appreciate it. Don’t be left out!  We want to capture everyone’s history of participation in our crazy, player-led theater!


The PGAA will run a lot like the theater you remember. As an alum, you have a stake in the new PGAA – become a charter member now!  Let us know your ideas for keeping our community connected, and how the PGAA can best serve Playground alums.


To make your initial $15 donation to join The Playground Theater Alumni Association click here. Also join The PGAA Facebook page and post your Team(s) and Show(s) names and photos!


Thank you for supporting The Playground and Welcome to the PGAA!

Click here to read our Executive Director’s farewell after a decade and a half of service to The Playground Theater.



The Playground is supported in part by grants contributed by state agencies and private foundations. We are incredibly grateful.