Matt Barbera has been the Executive Director of The Playground since 2004. Matt started at The Playground as a member of the incubator team Dr. Fondu and currently performs on House Team Mustang Repair. Matt worked for 5 years as a program coordinator for the TBS Just For Laughs Festival, where he created the ALONE show, featuring the best and brightest in solo sketch comedy. ALONE was later adopted into the CHARACTERS show that currently runs at the Montreal JFL Festival. Matt has created and produced many shows including Grafitti Sketch Comedy, Happy Hour Solo Sketch Comedy, The Give Me 5, Icon, Movieokie, The Tweetlife and Out of Character. Matt teaches sketch and solo sketch comedy at The Playground Training Center. He is a partner in Picaro Media creating original and branded entertainment. He is a fan of comedy and comedians and has dedicated his life to the pursuit of laughter.