Laurel is a Chicago-based writer, musician, improviser, and storyteller who drives a 1994 Buick Century. A Minnesota native, Laurel is a graduate of Northwestern University, Second City Conservatory, iO Chicago Training Center, and it’s Musical Improvisation program. Having worked for Second City Theatricals aboard NCL's Norwegian Dawn, Laurel's solo show, Queer Little Hamster debuted in 2018 and completed its second run this winter. She is set to release an accompanying album in late 2019. You can find Laurel performing in Annoyance’s Theater’s queer-ass Babywine, iO's queer-ass Dreamboat, her queer-ass iO Harold team, Comet, and performing songs and stories all around the city. Also, those are probs queer, too. YAY QUEER EYE!