Dallas Stobb is a silly guy. Most of his day consists of working a day job to pay the bills. When he isn't being a boring, sad mess you can find him performing with Phantom at Comedy Sportz on Sunday nights, Dinner Detectives at the Hilton in River North on select Saturday nights, or acting/writing/producing Beach Bums on Friday nights at (Whatever theater it is in the current time frame). He is over joyed to be performing in Circles and cannot wait to come out of bartender retirement to make some killer drinks for everyone! Lastly, Dallas would like to thank anyone who has and/or is willing to give him a ride to Six Flags Great America! (Season passholder baybee!) He really wants to thank his Mother, Father, Brother Sister, extended family, friends, and even enemies for giving him undoubted support and drive to pursue this wonderful acting thing! He also hopes you enjoy the show!