Thursday, February 13, 2020

Performer Spotlight! Every so often, The Playground Theater likes to highlight a performer and give them a moment to talk about their experiences and joys in comedy. This week, we’ve chosen to give the spotlight to Lauren Lonergan.

Q: What things have you been a part of at the playground?

A: First and foremost, The Real Housewives of Improv, a group I founded in 2016 and that still performs there twice a month. I have hosted and taken part in many variety shows over the years as well, including A Keaton Kristmas. And also have had the honor of doing The Playground’s JFL showcase for the last two years.

Q: How long have you been performing?

A: I have been performing since I was in diapers – dance recitals which turned into theatre and so on. I have been performing in Chicago for almost 7 years now.

Q: What drew you to comedy?

A: Growing up I loved making people laugh by doing funny voices and impressions of family and friends. Also, as an only child and Leo moon, I love the spotlight. During college I read Bossypants, which was like a compass to me. I decided YES! That is what I will do: move to Chicago and do comedy.

Q: What’s been your proudest moment doing comedy?

A: Writing and performing (and remounting) my solo show True Grits at the Annoyance last year. It was a challenging process, but it was a joy to perform and led to some cool opportunities!

Q: What upcoming shows do you have?

A: Billie Eilish’s Blue Valentine Variety Show! At The Playground Feb. 15th at 7pm.

–Lizzie Kaniecki, The Playground Theater’s performance and special events blogger