Cherub: Unwrapped!

Monday, December 9, 2019

This holiday season The Playground Theater has been blessed with beautiful, hilarious angel babies AKA Cherub. This wacky crew of goofs has been delighting audiences across the city of Chicago and The Playground has been lucky enough to have them over the last couple months. I, Lizzie Kaniecki, have had the pleasure of being their tech person throughout their shows at The Playground and I really and truly always look forward to their presence and performances. I asked Ryan Hultman, one of the team’s members, to give me all the hot goss on Cherub.

Q: How did you come up with the name/concept?

A: Two of us were flinging words back and forth over text and came up with the name Cherub. It stuck. Our shows have nothing to do with tiny angelic beings, however, our essence as both a team and individuals, does.

Q: What is your best memory from this show?

A: We were doing this somewhat experimental form called the Bevy and being able to make really odd choices gave us permission to dive into the weird. That was really fun. Also, we found ourselves singing a lot in our previous Playground shows. Lizzie (our bomb tech queen) would always play music during bows that was a callback to the songs we sang throughout. Each time she did this, it was a special moment! We are looking forward to pushing our limits in our December run. By doing so, we hope to realize greater truths about ourselves and each other. Or, maybe not–it’ll be a wild time either way.


Q: How long has it been running?
A: Cherub has been doing shows at The Playground since the beginning of summer 2019. This past fall, The Playground offered us a longer run and we are thrilled!


Q: What are you most proud of about this show?
A: Being able to have a good time with each other, experimenting and messing around! All of the openers are amazing, too. Cherub: Unwrapped will definitely be a special run and we are looking forward to bringing audiences along for a wild ride with our cherub-like essence at the helm!


Come check out Cherub: Unwrapped at The Playground Theater, Tuesdays at 8pm in December for all the joy and holiday cheer you could ever wish for.


-Lizzie Kaniecki, The Playground Theater’s performance and special events blogger