UNMarried, The Naked Truth

Friday, September 4, 2015


Lady of Laughter Entertainment presents:

“UNmarried, The Naked Truth.”

In this 60-minute solo musical performance Kellye takes us on an emotionally hilarious roller coaster through the life of a newly married 30 some thing wrestling to balance career goals, family plans, and depression from a recent unfathomable death of a loved one.

Chicago, IL – This performance was recently a part of the fourth annual Chicago’s Women Funny Festival in June 2015.

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Kellye having performed all four years for the festival took her stand-up show to new heights by incorporating more than just funny stories told while holding a mic. She has moments of unbelievable honesty, laughable insanity, and breath taking sadness. Her sold-out performance in June merited every bit of its rave reviews.

This story is told in such a way, the audience feels deeply connected to Kellye just minutes into the show. The journey of this young artist has exceeded the level of many late aged women, and the way she owns it shows character, strength, and integrity.

Unmarried is scheduled to run Saturday September 5th, 12th, and 19th at the Playground Theater located at 3209 N. Halsted Street, Chicago IL 60657.