Meggie and Laura present: Y2K

November 28, 2017
10:00 PM

The year is 2000. The problem? A bug. Specifically, a computer bug. One that has broken in to the homes of good people everywhere, destroying their families and friends. A bug that has wiped the population of all humans from Earth aside from the strongest.

Meggie and Laura, two sexy, sturdy ladies, are here to guide fellow survivors in to the new Era. A post-Y2K era. A “party like it’s 1999” era and “oh god, Steve Jobs, you crazy son of a bitch. You did this to us.” Era. They will be wearing jumpsuits. Hazmat suits. Two of the best dang suits your eyes will ever lay sight on.


Disney Channel Original Groupies

Sabeen Sadiq

Rivka Yeker

Bedtime Slugs


Rory Strahan-Mauk

Pocket Change

Lynz Harney

Christian Lyon

Just Good Friends

Playground Theater. 10 PM. Please, come pray for those who didn’t make it with us.