The Playground Theater is excited to announce the launch of a new program for writers, directors and performers called MOSAIC, which will focus on artists exploring individual identity and celebrating uniqueness. MOSAIC will acknowledge the diverse cultures that can be found within Chicago, while accentuating the common bond we all share as human beings. This program will represent the complex new American point of view that encompasses all voices, not just one. Although the program is new, it will soon be recognized as a place where artists can come to explore questions and opinions that may be considered challenging.

Chicago is a city of the world. Chicago schools count over 100 languages spoken by students. When immigrants first moved to the US, there was pressure to fit in; to disappear, to not stand out. That was the safest way, the best way to survive. But generations later, immigrants are realizing that celebrating their own cultural heritage does not make them less-American. The many voices and cultures of America are what make America the unique country that it is. Now it is time for those voices to be heard, for all stories to be told. America is not a melting pot, but a Mosaic – each one of us adds a different color to the greater picture of this country.

The Playground Theater is thrilled that the first MOSAIC program will run in association with The Department of Cultural Affairs in a 7-month residency at the Chicago Cultural Center.  The Playground Theater, produced by Matt Barbera, will bring together Jo Cattell, Lorena Diaz, Isaac Gomez, Wendy Mateo and Juan Francisco Villa. The program will feature workshops and readings of work currently in development – everything on the program is open to the public and is free of charge. It is recommended reserving a place for workshops, which can be done at

Mosaic Producers: Wendy Mateo, Juan Villa, Jo Cattell, Isaac Gomez and Lorena Diaz