The Playground Training Center is dedicated to helping comedians grow as performers, writers, directors, producers, and individuals. We are committed to helping our students find their voice, promote their strengths, and build their confidence – all through exploration and discovery. We aim to effectively teach the core techniques of comedy in a supportive, guided environment.

Each term includes a variety of classes for multiple ages and experience levels from beginners to professionals.

Current Classes

Improv After 40 with Paul and Chris

It’s never too late to try your hand at the make-em-ups. Whether you’ve improvised before and want to freshen up your skills or you’ve never set foot on a stage, this class is for you!


This is a 4-week class that meets every Saturday at noon.

Instructor: Paul Barile

Class Size: 20 Students

Cost: $150

Prerequisites: None

Start Date: Saturday, February 24, 2018

Time: 12:00 PM

Future Classes

Fight or F*ck: Intensive Process Group for Improvisers

Fight or Fuck: Intensive Process Group for Improvisers
Sundays 2:30-5pm

This 6 week intensive coaching group uses elements of acting, improv, psychotherapy and psychodrama to work through resistance in portraying certain emotions and expressing characters deeply and authentically on stage.

Improvisers will be able to identify and work through individual self destructive patterns in scenes, and increase confidence and access to emotional integrity of their characters.

Because of the highly sensitive and confrontative nature of this work, a strong sense of self and outstanding professionalism is expected of all members of the ensemble. Enrollment interview before registering for the class is mandatory. (Preferably January 7th)

About the Instructor:
Nadia Greenspan is an improviser and a psychotherapist, working primarily with creative professionals to address issues of mood, confidence, anxiety, trauma, self-esteem, intimacy and relationships, as well as conducting high intensity “here and now” groups. She also performs at The Playground’s Sketch on the Rocks with an all improvised act called Bad Therapy.

Contact for sign up information!

Instructor: Nadia Greenspan

Class Size: 14 Students

Cost: $180

Prerequisites: some improv experience

Start Date: Sunday, March 4, 2018

Time: 2:30 PM